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Laughter IS The Best Medicine

I don’t laugh as much as I’d like or perhaps as much as I should these days…I’ll be honest, being a mom can tend to make me a little stiff, uptight, and more serious than I need to be on more occasions than I probably should be…I’m sure none of you EVER get that way….

And, even if you don’t agree with me I’m betting my husband would…he gets the cranky me more often than he’d probably like…but I suppose that’s o.k. ’cause I get the cranky him more than anyone else too, right hun?!!!

We love each other. It’s all good. It’s all about being parents.

Alright, but now for a real, authentic, that’s some funny stuff laugh…

Welcome Ella…she does some stuff that CRACKS us up these days…like deciding to dress herself yesterday…

…on two different occasions…

Here’s laugh #1:

     It’s not the best shot, but just to explain, she decided to dress herself yesterday evening… mind you it was about 87 degrees outside so a long sleeved shirt and knee high socks, well, typically not the best option…
     The other funny thing was that the socks were inside out, but she LOVED them this way because she thought all of those little pink polka dots were flowers (because worn on the wrong side the thread protrudes from the material of the sock and of course they look like flowers!).
     This was a “Look at me mom. I’m so big and proud because I just got myself dressed” picture!
….alright, here is the even bigger laugh…


     If you can’t tell (double click on the picture to view it more closely for a minute!), those would be her sister’s underwear she found and put on over her shorts while we were sitting in the backyard catching up with a neighbor. She came out the back door and ever so seriously said,
     “Look guys” and then walked right on by like there was nothing out of the ordinary…
     …now maybe it’s just because it’s my kid, or perhaps you need to know Ella, but I was busting a gut…I still laugh when I look at the picture!
     AND, look at that stink’ facial expression in the top picture…is that not the funniest thing you’ve ever seen?!
     I’m SO convinced that God makes kids so funny to break up the craziness of life with them!



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