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Getting Back Into the Blogging Swing of Things!

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged consistently–

Honestly, it feels like it’s been a while since I’ve done anything consistently– clean my house, take library books back on time, make my bed.

Ahhh, mom life…the land of a bazillion tasks, unexpected crises that must be taken care of (big and small), and time that flies by faster than you can say, “Wait, stop! I wasn’t ready for you to be asking me about razors and Snapchat! Can we just go back to story time at the library?!”

We’re at the (hopefully) tail end up a bitterly cold winter. My January and February were full of so many unexpected snow days,  sick days, half days for a myriad of reasons, winter break, a 10 year old birthday celebration, and a couple of “small” house projects that turned so “big” that as of earlier this week I wasn’t sure which way was North.

But, I’m here, at Starbucks, with my day planner, lots of paper, my colored ink jet pens and lots of ideas– for life, books, blogposts and re-visiting my goals for the coming year…

I’m ready to jump back in– back into posting here once a week– on Mondays. I’m not sure that I’ve ever done that consistently…go figure (LOL!)…but, I’m here to try again…

In theory, I should be able to follow through this time because all of my kiddos are in school for the first time this year. In theory, that should mean that I have lots of extra time…

In theory…

But, somehow, the days get filled just as fast, and my “theory” of feeling like I would suddenly have a steady handle on life once the ‘kids went to school’ doesn’t seem to be holding as true as I would have thought…

I’m planning to blog about that one of these days (;

Leave me a comment if you know how– it’s always nice to know who is stopping by. If you can’t leave one here, feel free to leave it on my Lisa Littlewood-Writer Facebook page


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