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When We Miss the Marvelously Mundane

Just a few mornings ago my two year old grabbed my hand and begged me, implored me, nudged me and eventually tugged me away from the kitchen where I was wrapped up in the usual morning grind with unrelenting perseverance to finish the tasks at hand (just one clean spot in the house, just one!)…


When Momma Blows Her Lid!

Oh friends. You should have seen me last Saturday afternoon. No. Actually, I’m really glad you didn’t see me last Saturday afternoon. I lost it. Blubbering, crying, slamming doors lost it. If you’re thinking, Oh my goodness, she doesn’t look like that type. The blubbering, lost it, slamming doors type! You’d be right…most of the…

6. Love Well One Word

Word of the Year: Love Well

Hi Friends, I promised that I’d let you know what my “word of the year” was and why I chose it, so here it is! Before I begin,  some of you have no idea what I’m talking about, this “word of the year” stuff. In summary,  in lieu of or addition to your more traditional…


Happy 2016: A Year of Adventure (Isn’t Life Always an Adventure with Kids?!)

Happy New Year Friends! I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas, some good vacation time, and a great New Years celebration. We had our share of colds, coughs and even a bout of strep throat (the hubby, 2 days before Christmas!), but we’ve all come out the other end and are excited for…


A Vision of Hope: Christ at Christmas

Here is what I’ve been thinking about lately… We need a savior as much, no, maybe more today, than ever before. We need hope. We need vision. We need truth. Solid, concrete, black and white truth to plant our feet on. We don’t need another politician spouting off extreme ideas to the left or to…


Our Thankfulness Tree and Other Family Ramblings

It’s a cold, gray and gusty day here in Buffalo. The kind that reminds you that dinners on the patio are a far, far thing of the past, and that mother nature is blowing her big breaths of wind to bid adieu to more temperate fall days and usher forth our blustery winters. Brrrr. But,…


Ressurrecting Creativity

Two weeks ago I had the chance to sneak away for a few days to attend a writing conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I try to attend a writing conference at least once a year as a way to continually cultivate my writing life, but as a mom with three young children it can be…

Let Go Let God pic

Conversations with God: Pruning Flowers

  The woman stood nonchalantly on her front porch, calmly and innocently pruning her potted flowers (which looked beautiful, I might add) as I ran past the house on my morning jog. They were lovely flowers, all perky and overflowing out of the pots. Brimming with buds and vibrant petals they stood, in my mind,…


Back in the School Swing of Things

It’s Friday of back to school week in these parts. Oh, what a summer it was. It felt fast and furious. A hustle and bustle of some planned and LOTS of unplanned activity.  Days that required little more of the kids than to venture outside to draw chalk murals on the sidewalk, or wait for…


Crazy, Hazy, Summer Daze-y: What I’ve Been Doing While I Haven’t Been Writing

Well, it’s officially been more than two months since my last blog post! Holy summer moly! That would be my longest unintentional blogging break EVER! For those of you who are moms who have been home with kids all summer,  you know how this goes. I know you know, because many of you have told…

fresh lemonade

Let Them Sell Their Lemonade!

“Mom, mom, mom!! We’re going to go outside and set up a lemonade stand!”  Ava proclaimed, as she and Madison, the neighbor girl, stood in the kitchen staring at me and waiting for a response. “Uh…” my mouth dropped and no words came out as I processed the newly formed and unexpected plan for the…

laughter 2

Lost Ice Cube Trays and Other Musings from the Mommy Trenches

  I’ve lost my ice cube trays. Both of them. The super awesome ones that came in the freezer, that came with the house, when we bought it six years ago. They made 40 little ice cubes per tray, rather than the traditional 12 or so large ones. I didn’t even know I preferred little…

Aubrey in Wagon

Blessed to Be Home…Sometimes I Just Need a Reminder

I waved to my neighbor from our driveway as I loaded Aubrey into her green plastic wagon. The neighbor’s belly loomed round and ready in front of her. She was 39 weeks pregnant and ready to be done with the pregnancy, ready to introduce their sweet little girl to her brother, the one who was…


Gray Hairs, Sleepless Nights, and Thoughts on Moving Past the Baby Stage

“Hi, my name is Lisa and I gave away my Boppy this week… If I were an active participant in a live support group for mothers, this is how I would have introduced myself. “…the pink one with the little purple and white flowers. The one I used to support all three children while I…

coffee shop

A Writing and Planning Kind of Day

The sun is shining! Easter is this weekend! And I’m holed up in a hotel room, all by myself, writing, reading and planning for a few hours this afternoon….and I’m completely giddy about it all! I’m a thinker who feels most centered when I can find quiet places to contemplate and work through life on…

paint cans

Some Thoughts on Blogging and Why I Keep Going

Have you ever remodeled or simply repainted a room in your house? Sometimes a fresh coat of paint makes me plain giddy– the shine, the sheen, the way new paint makes something that was feeling tired look completely new! That’s how this blog space makes me feel today (I’m still relishing in the new colors…

little writer momma button


Welcome to the new blog space!!  Isn’t it beautiful? A huge shout out and a thank you goes to Traci Michele Designs who worked with perseverance and persistence to finish this in a relatively short amount of time! Traci, you’re awesome and thank you! (You can check her blog out by clicking on her name…


Word of the Year: Contentment

I did not set New Year’s resolutions this year. If I’m honest, I was feeling kind of anti-resolutionish. I’ve set resolutions before. I like resolutions, I do.  I think resolutions are good for young high-school kids, and college kids, and even folks in their twenties. I think resolutions are good for empty nesters and retirees.…


Mid Chaos Coffee Breaks– Every Momma Needs Them!

                One morning last week (read: smack dab in the middle of the kid’s winter break! A break in which we were all forced to stay indoors due to dangerously cold temperatures, making everyone a wee bit stir crazy!) I hired a babysitter for three hours, packed up…


Clutter Free: Book Review and Giveaway

“Clutter builds a barrier between you and the rest of the world. But when the clutter is cleared, you have more space for everything–activities you love, people you love.” (Kathi Lipp)   So you all know I’ve been reading this book Clutter Free, Quick and Easy Steps to Simplifying Your Space since just after Christmas (has it…