About Me


Hello there friends, old and new.

Welcome to my little corner of cyberspace.

Thanks for stopping by!

This is the place and space where I bring offerings of stories; mostly day-to-day stories about the beautiful and chaotic moments that simultaneously make up motherhood.

Sometimes I offer questions-- life questions, spiritual questions, marriage questions, kid questions. At times I'm hoping for answers, but mostly I'm just kickstarting conversation. Trying to remind myself, and hopefully you, that no one really has all of the answers (And, if they say they do, I can bet you aren't going to be inviting them over for coffee anytime soon!).

We are a Jesus loving, church-going, silly and adventurous family, who hope to bring a little bit more light into the world with our comings, goings and interactions with all who cross our path.

I'm a momma who, let's be honest, was a little be shocked by motherhood and all that it entailed when I started down this crazy road eight years ago.  If you read some of my earliest blog posts, you'll find that I was often discouraged, frustrated, and overwhelmed.


My guess is that I'm not alone

Things are better now. Much better. I've learned so much about grace, forgiveness, patience and letting go in the last few years. I'm changing, bit by bit, day by day and through the grace of God. He's using these little people in my life to change my heart into something so much more than I had ever imagined it could be!

I've come to realize that motherhood is an adventure, without a map, that I'm learning to navigate day by day-- fortunately with a super cool and grace-filled husband by my side. I'm incredibly thankful for my faith, and the fact that on the days when I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing, or the energy to make it through, I have a God who equips me with wisdom, energy. and LOTS of extra measures of patience. I have learned more about myself (the good, the bad and everything in between) in the daily grind and grace that parenthood has presented.

I hope that you leave here feeling encouraged and inspired to live out your days more fully present for your family, to embrace all of who you are (just the way you were created!), and to let go of some of the mundane details on your task-list and exchange them for a bike ride or cooking baking session with your kids.

I hope these thoughts and stories make you feel like your crazy little world is way more normal than you thought.

I also hope that they will, in some way, remind you that God is ever present in the details and that He wants to help you along the way.

Nice to meet you.

I hope that you'll stop back soon 🙂