Month: March 2015

paint cans

Some Thoughts on Blogging and Why I Keep Going

Have you ever remodeled or simply repainted a room in your house? Sometimes a fresh coat of paint makes me plain giddy– the shine, the sheen, the way new paint makes something that was feeling tired look completely new! That’s how this blog space makes me feel today (I’m still relishing in the new colors…

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Welcome to the new blog space!!  Isn’t it beautiful? A huge shout out and a thank you goes to Traci Michele Designs who worked with perseverance and persistence to finish this in a relatively short amount of time! Traci, you’re awesome and thank you! (You can check her blog out by clicking on her name…


Word of the Year: Contentment

I did not set New Year’s resolutions this year. If I’m honest, I was feeling kind of anti-resolutionish. I’ve set resolutions before. I like resolutions, I do.  I think resolutions are good for young high-school kids, and college kids, and even folks in their twenties. I think resolutions are good for empty nesters and retirees.…