Month: August 2012

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Book Review: The Story

I knew little about the book or the author before I received it in the mail…Story: Our Journey of Heartache and Grace From Eden to Evermore, by author Steven James. A book that “recaptures the mystery of the ancient scriptures,” read one description.  “James (the author] leads readers to (re) experience the greatest story ever…


Favorite Summer Moments (Whatever Wednesdays)

(This post is part of a Wednesday link-up called “Whatever Wednesdays”…I write about whatever is on my mind and hope that you will join me in creating a little bit of community by linking up whatever is on your mind this week! My blogging time is limited these days, so I figure I’d use the…


On Vacation!

Hi Friends, We’re on vacation in Maine this week!!! My husband’s family rented this BEAUTIFUL house on the Southern coast of Maine… This is our view 24/7… So, in that vein, I’m taking a “vacation” from blogging this week too… Back to “Whatever Wednesdays” next week!!! Hugs. Lisa


Do You Believe in Miracles? (Whatever Wednesdays–A Link Up)

    I’ve been thinking a lot about miracles this week. Wondering what a miracle would look like in our family’s situation. Considering the idea that little miracles have been happening all along the journey for my brother and his wife and their daughter…Being moved to tears by how gracious our God is to answer prayer,…


Tutus and Pony Tails– Whatever Wednesdays: A Link UP!

“Mom, could you pleeeaaasssee curl my hair.” “Oh…Ava. Right now?” “Yes mom, right now.” I didn’t want to curl my daughter’s hair. It was 10:10. The girls were due at their last summer dance class (a six week session and at this last class they were allowed to dress up in anything they wanted) at…

Caring for Cordelia Prayer Button

Praying for Miracles

Hi Friends, My brother and his wife are in need of a MIRACLE this week. We are a family who believes in the power of prayer and believes that miracles DO happen. Their little girl needs a liver (she’s 4 months old) and she needs it SOON. So, while most of my posting as of…

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Writing Life (Whatever Wednesdays– A Link Up!)

As I wrote the title of this post I realized it had two distinct bits of relevance for my life. First, when I consider the words together it is a title for the type of life I hope to lead, a writing life; a life where one sees the world and feels compelled to share…