Month: February 2012

coffee cup

Coffee Anyone?!

Do you love coffee as much as  I do? I posted about my appreciation for coffee (and my deeper understanding of my father in the process) over at A Little Monkey Business! Because, after all, who could keep up with the monkey business if not for the coffee…Read more here!  

Grit close

5 Minute Fridays:Grit

(Today I have joined up with the Gypsy Mama for 5 Minute Friday…check it out…a whole lot of writers, getting together to sew words together around one word…and in the process creating community). Grit… Where does one start with a word like “grit”…I confess, I started with the dictionary (probably a small “cheat” considering I’m…

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Bumper Sticker Taglines

I decided this morning that if I could create a bumper sticker this is what it would say…   “I’m Not Lazy I Just Have Kids”   I wish I were artsy and knew how to create a cool little button for ya’ll to add to your Pinterest pages, but I’m not…So if you’re artsy…

a good gift

Giving Thanks for the Unexpected

Unmet expectations. A change in plans. Suprises. Joys. Heartache. Worries. Amy Julia Becker’s experience as a first time mom was, in many ways, no different than mine, yours, the moms in my MOPS group…any mom you might meet at Target. The feelings are universal, though each mom’s journey is as different as the children we…


More Than This

It was a day where I missed not one appointment, but two. A day in which, upon waking, I had no knowledge of the whereabouts of my cell phone, debit card, or credit card. No, my purse had not been stolen. I had individually misplaced all of these items…over the course of several days. It…


Happy 3rd Birthday!

Today is little Miss Ella’s 3rd birthday! Happy Birthday Sweet Girl.   Ella is our wild child. The stubborn one. The hilarious one. We call her the tough cookie, the hurricane, the little monkey, the crazy goose. She embraces life with 172% of who she is. I’m delighted and blessed to be her mom. I…

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Managing Momma Monday: Top 10 Reasons I Keep Exercising

When I was thinking about the theme of many of these Monday posts– “Managing Momma”– I started to ask myself, ‘What are some of the key practices you incorporate into your life that truly help keep you going in a big picture sort of way‘? Exercise was one of the first things that came to…

What are You Molding?

What are You Molding?

I am a woman of few words this week… Tired…perhaps… Busy…aren’t we all these days… I’m trying to get up early to pray and journal and plan for my day, but lo and behold, I get into a groove and then the girls go through a phase where one or both of them seems to…