Month: October 2011


Combating the Crazies

The crazies were back this morning… No, I’m not talking about my kids, they’re coming back tonight (more on that in a minute). The crazies are the 17 extra voices that occasionally come to visit in my mind making me feel a little nuttier than usual. I know, I know, some of you are thinking…whoa,…


Sacred Sundays: How He Loves Us

  (This is the second post in a new series called “Sacred Sundays”. In it I hope to explore the things that move me spiritually throughout my days and weeks, and in the process hope to inspire you to explore the things that move you spiritually as well.)   I was moved to my knees…


S’more Please!

     When life gets nutty and my blogging starts lacking I go to my photo library and find an image that makes me smile…This is what made me smile today…             S’more’s became a BIG part of our summer this year. Both of the girls are at an age…